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“Reliable and accurate live captioning is vital to accessibility, and highly skilled steno writers are unmatched in every way when it comes to accuracy and content retention. It’s an ever-changing environment that can only be efficiently navigated with a human behind the wheel.”

Kimberly Shea, Owner

Dallas, Texas

Kimberly Shea

Kimberly is a founding member of Global Alliance and has spent a lifetime as an advocate and a voice for change. She believes the best live captioners are those who strive for excellence because they are fueled by the desire to make a difference.

“Steno is a rare skill, mastered by only one out of ten people who attempt it. When a stenotype writer makes the connection between that elusive accomplishment and the actual purpose of our accommodation, the people we serve and how it affects them every day, they experience something special, the gravity of our responsibility. When we realize that someone’s business, education, social interaction, general knowledge, or well-being relies on our skill, on our ability, on our commitment to them, that moment is the very thing that drives us to, on our own time, go the extra distance, immerse ourselves in an unfamiliar industry, subject matter, geographic region, culture, and even language, for our assignment so that we can be adequately prepared to caption the unscripted and unknown day in the life.” – Kimberly Shea

Our Strategic Partners

Our team is comprised of highly skilled, certified steno writers capable of capturing the spoken word at speeds upwards of 300 wpm with an average accuracy rate of 99.5%. We require a minimum of five years’ experience, a personally coded dictionary that covers the extensive word building capabilities necessary in order to cover a variety of jargon, including but not limited to technology, engineering, medical, and academia.

Kimberly Shea close-up
Sebrina Crosby close-up
Kimberly Shea

Kimberly Shea, CRC


Kimberly is a Certified Realtime Captioner with 25 years’ experience as a stenotype writer. During the final years of her schooling, she worked for a high-profile trial analysis firm and had the opportunity to immerse herself in corporate litigation, specifically in the fields of aviation disasters, engineering, medical malpractice, and the tech industry. After graduation, she spent 14 years as a freelance and official court reporter. In addition to her Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) certification, she held her Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) certification in the states of Texas and Washington. She has resided, traveled, and reported in many regions over the years which provided for extensive experience in a wide variety of subject matter and regional familiarity. Those experiences led to a natural transition into global broadcast captioning and CART services. Her captioning of NASA events renewed her love for STEM, which led to her development of area specialties, including but not limited to tech, engineering, and academia.

Sebrina Crosby

Sebrina Crosby, CRC
Strategic Partner


Sebrina is a Certified Realtime Captioner with 15 years’ experience in live broadcast captioning; NASA events; global conferences; finance reporting; and stadium sporting events covering MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA teams. Additionally, she has 10 years’ experience in both academia and the business arena which has contributed to her current areas of captioning specialties, including but not limited to tech, engineering, and finance.

Sebrina loves the English language, and her conviction that words matter is the foundation of her belief that quality captions are vital to inclusion, and it is imperative that equal access to the spoken word is received by all.

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