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Accessible communication is defined by accuracy and quality.

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*COVID-19 Live captioning for National Update * *This text is being provided in a rough draft format. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is provided in order to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a totally verbatim record of the proceedings. This text, document, or file is not to be distributed or used in any way that may violate copyright law.*

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Remote CART captioning for on-site and virtual meetings, webinars, classrooms, conferences, political events, livestreams, telemedicine, and more.

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Breaking Barriers is a Dallas captioning firm providing professional on-site and remote CART captioning for virtual meetings, webinars, classrooms, conferences, telemedicine visits, and political events worldwide.

Based in downtown Dallas, minutes away from Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Breaking Barriers Captioning has been providing professional CART captioning in Dallas and across the globe for over a decade. Their live captioning expertise and extensive experience in conference captioning is why they are among the most sought-after stenographic writers for specialized and immensely technical events.

When experience is crucial

Breaking Barriers has procured a team of highly skilled captioners with experience in providing live captioning for tech conferences, political conventions, STEM events, NASA, the United Nations HQ in New York, and an array of major sporting events, including the Summer and Winter Olympics.


What are people saying about our live captioning services?

  • As the parent of a college student that is deaf and utilizes cochlear implants, we are grateful for the high-quality live captioning she has received. I am fortunate enough to have a job in which I work with deaf children, teens, and adults, and we continually discuss ways in which they can advocate for themselves and their rights as consumers.

    It is imperative for the public to be aware that they are entitled, by law, to have a qualified captioner for their courses, as accuracy of information is vital to their grades and to their success.

    Breaking Barriers Logo Icon
    Jennifer Clark, Administrator
    Dallas Hearing Foundation
    Dallas, Texas
  • With partial hearing loss, I had no idea I could be provided with live captioning. Breaking Barriers shared information that led me to ADA guidelines. My grades have improved, and I’ve been able to participate in class more than ever before.

    Breaking Barriers Logo Icon
    Kennedy F.
    Student, University of Texas A&M
    College Station, Texas
  • It was pretty cool seeing Breaking Barriers conference captioners give their time and attention to those of us who stayed behind each day asking them about their work. I was amazed to see it was humans. I don’t have hearing loss, but I use captions to fully understand material. When captioners share their time and skill like that, more people understand what is possible. Live captioning isn’t just for some. It’s for all.

    Breaking Barriers Logo Icon
    Hailey C.
    Student, University of North Texas
    Frisco, Texas
  • Kimberly has been a mentor to me in my career, and the advice, troubleshooting, and all-around guidance she has provided to me has been paramount to my own success in the realtime captioning/CART industry. Kimberly’s expertise and experience in all facets of realtime captioning is wide-ranging, and her attention to detail, technical know-how, and pride in the industry is forefront in every conversation I have had with her.

    Breaking Barriers Logo Icon
    Ashly Jenkins
    Certified Realtime Captioner
    Belmond, Iowa
  • In a highly competitive and time-consuming profession, the Breaking Barriers captioners diligently work to elevate the realtime captioning industry by sharing their knowledge with other captioners so that the highest quality of accommodations are available to consumers.

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    Courtney Shaw
    Certified Realtime Captioner
    Ooltewah, Tennessee

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